Monday, March 4, 2013

Work at Home Opportunities

Ever try Work at Home Opportunities that were scams?

Many years ago, when I was younger, I always wanted to have my own office at home. And work when I wanted, how I wanted and where I wanted. So like many people I tried different things including paying around $35 for a booklet that claimed to list all sorts of legitimate work at home opportunities. When I received this booklet, it was in fact a booklet, a booklet that explained to me in great detail how to go about getting people to buy this same booklet from me. Can you say SCAM!

After that, I still wanted that work from home opportunity so bad that I didn't get discouraged. I looked for something else that I could do from home. I came across a stuffing envelopes working from home in your spare time and make money delas, again I tried it just to be fooled AGAIN.

Real Work at Home Opportunities

After being scammed out of money from work at home jobs, I went on to have a ten year career at an advertising agency. But unfortunately with the way the economy is, after ten years that company had to close its doors.

So again I was looking for other ways to make money and I did not want to work a 9 to 5 job, commuting back and forth to work, sitting in an office all day waiting for the clock to say 5 o'clock any longer.

My search began again, I figured after all these years, work at home opportunities have to be out there that are legit and easy to find. Fact is, they are easy to find if you know what to look for and how to look for it.

I took my skills that I had acquired in the job market from the many years I had been working previously and sat down and said, this is what I know very well, this is something I know but could learn more about. And some of those skills, such as web marketing, interested me very much and I decided with the many years I had working with an advertising agency and administrative skills that I had, I can most likely put them to good use for small businesses both local and national.

So how was I going to find those businesses that needed my help? Well, I did a whole lot of research and found a few websites that I have used (see below for those). I also found it useful to go to local career websites and job boards and post my resume.

My oDesk Experience

Although, most of my income comes from oDesk jobs right now, it took me quite a few months and many many rejections from prospective employers before I "caught" my first gig. Now that I have been using oDesk for a while now (I believe it is going on a year). I have more clients and the more work I receive and more great feedback I receive the more I am getting job offers. I have branched more and more away from oDesk now and looking and getting my own clients locally. While I still believe oDesk is a great tool, not everyone is aware of and uses oDesk, so you have to broaden your search to succeed.


Witmart is another site almost like oDesk that has listings of virtual jobs. Freelancers who are skilled in design, writing, programming, planning and marketing use Witmart.

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